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As our advertisement stated in the Australian Mining Review – February 2019 (page 75): Placing the best candidates and helping businesses succeed is simply what we do!

Please register your interest in our special Mining & Resources Recruitment AU$5,000 Credit Note offer.

We look forward to speaking with you…

*The following Terms apply to the $5,000 credit note.

(1) Credit note to be applied to Lucan Group Terms of Business, and (2) Exclusive assignments on standard terms (fee structure), and (3) Permanent placements only, and (4) Assignments where the fee is $10,000 or higher after the credit note is applied, and (5) Credit note applied to the placement fee, and (6) Not transferable, and (7) Not refundable, and (8) Maximum one credit note applies per assignment, and (9) Offer expires in March 2019